Our promise is to give you the best services to make your living environment the best it can be. Equipped with finest team of dedicated staff, we are here to cater to the needs of every customer.

Al Saqer services ranges from leasing, facility management, and maintenance services, hospitality among other utilities are always within your reach.

ASPM owns and manages more than 3,800 units and more than 70 buildings with an occupancy not less than 97%.


Established in 2003 as real estate development and leasing company, member of United Al Saqer Group LLC. one of the most prestigious business groups in United Arab of Emirates and a key player in the real estate market. Al Saqer Property Management LLC manages, owns and lease properties in the cities of Abu Dhabi (the Capital of UAE), Dubai, Al Ain and Overseas. Our unprecedented projects continue to provide quality residential, commercial and retail space at affordable price which appeal to a broad range of clienteles.


Our philosophy is customer service first, and the importance of developing valuable long-term partnerships, along with a focused approach to delivering excellence across everything we do.


To be recognized as the premier property and facilities management service provider, real estate developer and commercial brokerage in each market that we serve. Our commitment to market excellence is centered on our people and our corporate culture, to realize our full potentials and drive growth through both service and product excellence for each of our managed properties.


To create a team-oriented, performance-driven culture in which all team members are given every opportunity to achieve personal and professional development in order to collectively and individually drive superior results for all our stakeholders – clients, investors, residents and vendors.


We understand your needs and aspirations and present you with matching properties. We arrange site visits to help you explore various property options. We continuously supervise the quality of the services rendered in its premises. We offer our valued tenants all they need to make their stay with us safe, comfortable, enjoyable and profitable.


  • Al Saqer Property Management understand the needs, aspirations and for us to provide a wide range of services,
  • we supervise the services rendered in its premises through our own Facility Management with high up to its standard, for its outstanding services keen to create a comfortable, enjoyable and profitable lifestyle that matches the opulent standard of living
  • In Al Saqer property Management, we help you to explore property options in a very attractive and excellent state with confidentiality and highest standards of services.
  • The maintenance department is responsible for developing and managing a master maintenance plan for all the properties which cover regular preventive maintenance work, emergency plan and recovery plan.
  • The company maintains good relationships with government and private sector and corporates with local broker/agents.
  • Give each property individualized attention during every phase  of Property Management.



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